Welcome to your new home in a Wilhoit managed property.

It is our sincere desire to do everything possible to make your stay here a long and happy one.

Wilhoit Properties, Inc. (“WPI”) was founded in 1967. Located in Springfield, Missouri, we are a family owned and operated property management company. With over 100 properties under management the Midwest, we are dedicated to providing quality safe, clean, accessible and affordable housing opportunities to people of all ages.

Our communities are operated under Section 42 of the LIHTC Program of the Internal Revenue Code. This program is designed to facilitate the housing needs of moderate and middle-income families. Through this program we are able to bring you quality housing options with state-of-the-art amenities, while keeping the rents affordable. Just one more reason why we are the leading housing provider in the Midwest.

WPI, in conjunction with Zimmerman Properties Construction, develops superior apartments, independent communities and townhomes at affordable rates. Income limits apply to all households, and Section 8 vouchers are welcome.

The principals of WPI have developed in excess of 9,200 apartments units, and are as follows:

  • Vaughn C. Zimmerman – Mr. Zimmerman has served as the principal developer and general partner on over 9,200 apartment units since 1986.
  • Justin M. Zimmerman – Mr. Zimmerman has been instrumental in the development of over 4,900 apartment units since 1992.
  • D. Leah Zimmerman – Mrs. Zimmerman has been the internal design consultant for the various Wilhoit entities since 1993.

Other key employees include:

  • Robert C. Davidson – Chief Financial Officer/ Chief Operating Officer
  • Ben Mitchell – V.P. of Finance/ Development
  • Robert S. Williams – V.P. of Property Management
  • Matt Zimmerman – Senior V.P. of Construction
  • Mark Michael – V.P. of Construction

If you would like to make a difference in our company, please visit the Employment page.

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